Revisit history and discover luxury.

Two and a half hours via a comfortable drive south of Manila is a discovery worth coming back to. Part of the southern tourism corridor of Lucban, Tayabas, Tiaong, one finds the vacation town of Sariaya.

Sariaya is an interesting town with over 400 years of history. A coconut producing town, it boasts of colonial, opulent houses built during the coconut boom of early 1920s when Sariayahins directly exported coconut products to Europe.

Just 30 minutes from the town proper is Dalampasigan Beach & Pool Resort which offers guests well-appointed rooms, resort amenities and home cooking.

The lady of the house will make sure that you are comfortable and well-fed.
It is the perfect place to stay after satisfying the senses of what Quezon towns have to offer.
Luxurious maybe, but expensive, not really.
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